Update to Elements 8 problems

In My Steinberg I have an Elements 7 soft license.
I bought an Elements 8 update, downloaded it, and opened it .
It said there was no valid license to update.
I opened the eLicenser Control it went thoughts it maintenance script but Failed to communicate with its data base?
It said there was no valid soft license to update!
I need help to sort out the eLicenser control communication problem.
I downloaded the lasted version from its website!
I am sort of stuck, help!


When you open eLCC application, can you see Cubase Elements 7 license on the right side?

If yes, click to Enter Activation Code button, and type your upgrade Activation Code. Click to Continue. The license should downloads.

Yes I tried that and the ‘soft license was not available’
I also tried with a USB elicenser. and It seems as if the upgrade code has been used once so is no longer able to be used.
The activation seems to be ‘pending’ now so I give up.
I think the problem is that the inability to communicate means that nothing can be done. I can still use the Elements 7 and I may have to write off the upgrade to E8, a pity. All very scary.

Inspire of all the rejections I was told to “Recover”
I did. I really have no idea what happened but,
I now have Elements 8 up and running

Thank you for the encouragement.

I am not sure I am brave enough to buy a full version for the other computer!