I have and have had a problem with recording MIDI for awhile. I always have to take time to correct the MIDI note positions. MIDI always records either before or after the beat! I would prefer this not to be “normal” :unamused: . Anyone have success recording MIDI in time? I’ve applied all the fixes for this MIDI timing, but nothing seems to work? Also, is anyone aware of anymore updates to version 9.5.41? Thanks for any input.

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Midi has always been spot on here. It is an issue where cubase gets it’s time from a different source then the midi driver.
Since you don’t mention what fixes and what midi interface it is impossible to help :wink:

Agree that some more detail would be helpful but,

I do get some midi timing issues depending on what type of track (midi versus instrument) and what VST is applicable. I use the track delay function which allows adjustment either + or - in milliseconds. My templates are set up with those track delays saved and my issue is basically… gone.

If your timing varies + and - on a certain track then that would be a totally different issue.

Update for 9.5… history shows that typically there is one more update issued after a new version is released. Will we get one this time? Only Steinberg knows. :wink:

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