Update to HALion Sonic 2 (Trip)?

I see there has been an update to HALion Sonic 2 SE that includes a new synth engine called Trip, but I haven’t seen an update for HALion Sonic 2 itself with this addition. Is it available and if so, where do I get it? (And if not, anyone know why not?)


In Cubase only with HALion Sonic SE.

Just to clarify…
Trip was included as part of the update to Cubase 7.5. It will work, of course, with HSSE or HS2.
Trip was NOT included as part of the update of HS1 to HS2.

Thanks for the responses.

I upgraded from Cubase 7 to Cubase 8 but can’t see Trip included in HSSE2. How do I get it?

UPDATE… I have now resolved this by reinstalling HSSE additional content