Update to Halion Sonic SE 3.2.15

FYI… I saw this link yesterday listed in the “News & Announcements” forum section. But, if you click on the forum “News & Announcements” link it does not show up. You must click directly on the post link. Weird.

Heaven forbid that it would be listed in the Cubase Hub “News & Tutorials” section. :unamused:


Regards :sunglasses:

Today even weirder… Now it has been changed so when you click on the “Steinberg Forums” path to see the links to all of the forum subsections, the post for the Halion maintenance updates does not show up as the latest post in the “News & Announcements” section. You must go into the News & Announcements" section to see it. :unamused:

FWIW… For me, the download and update for HSSE went without issue.

Also… still not news worthy enough to show up in the (basically) worthless CB Hub. :question:

Regards :sunglasses: