Update to Iconica Opus from Iconica Ensembles gives error

Hi all,

Recently during the sale I purchased an upgrade from Iconica Ensembles to Iconica Opus. I received a DAC and when entering it, I got an error : “you entered a download acces code for a product upgrade but you do not own a license to which this upgrade can applied. Please contact your local support team”

Off course I did immediately but it has been 12 days ago and still no reaction to my support ticket.

Please does anybody have tips for example the option to call support ? This is the first time I had such an error. Previous downloads or upgrades all went smootly.

Thanks in advance.

To upgrade to Iconica Opus, please claim your free upgrade voucher to Steinberg Licensing for your Iconica Ensembles license first, then enter your download access code for Iconica Opus again.

Thank you, that was the solution!

Thanks again