Update to Notes - text formatting, add/remove system, etc, etc, etc

honestly, at the modern rate of work, complexity/depth of projects… I could user a notepad everywhere. It should just be a standardized pop-out found in many places of the program not just per channel - VST base housing so you can make notes on instances of plugins, MixConsole, per event (freeing description of getting crowded), Device Studio Setup Panel (Global notes), Groove Agent.

I would like to see an update to notes in many ways.

-I would like to see them appear in the Project Browser, and or a Notes Overview window that collects all notes into one place organized by track/location of DAW component.
----Changes organized by date - ie, every time a change is made, it creates a new “NotesVersion”.
----Text-based search for notes across the entire project.

-I think notes should be in an ‘add’/‘remove’ format whereby the user can create an expandable/collapsible tree of multiple note points.
----Each of these points would be date stamped.
----User Name stamped
----User could right-click on these points for further options - ‘colour code’, ‘add checkmark’, ‘strike-through’

-Basic Text-Formatting - Bold, Italic, underline, strikethrough, colour, sizes 1-2-3.

-Option for Project Main Notes, to always pop-up upon project open.

-I would like to add pictures

-I would like to create a print-out of all notes in the session

-I would like to create a voice memo linked textually in the notes. Right click>Record Voice Memo>Select Input>Starts Recording>Finish>Give Voice Memo-0001 a name>Enter.
----User in preferences can decide between storing voice-memos in their project folder, or in a different location (say a thumb drive)
----Organized in the directory in folder archive system by-date, then by-track.

Alright, I took it a bit far, but you get the idea.


Good ideas! I would be happy with Steinberg just allowing different font sizes. The font is currently too small and not adjustable.

Agreed, but there should be the ability to extract track information to add to notes, like the VST used, bank/preset, maybe the FX channels applied to the channel.