Update to windows 10 issues

I’ve just recently updated my computer from windows 7 to windows 10 because I couldn’t export videos without doing this. However, now I have the problem that random VSTS don’t work. Even within Spitfire Audio, some of the instruments work and some don’t. I’ve followed all the videos on repairing the vsts and they work until I turn the computer off, and then the problems arise the next day when I turn it on. Please please help. I’m normally quite a calm person but I’ve been close to ripping my studio to shreds in anger.
Regards and massive appreciation to anyone who can help

Welcome, @francisbinns I can only propose a rather generic solution- uninstall and reinstall the VST plugins.

I think it’s possible that the file paths for the plugins have changed, as well as the way Windows 10 finds those file paths.

Hi Steve,
thanks ever so much for getting back to me.
I have already done this. It seems as if most of my vst instruments, i.e., Native instruments/Kontakt etc. seem to be unaffected. I reinstalled the Spitfire ones - these seemed to be the ones affected - and they all worked, but then some of them stopped working the next day.
I had to buy a new soundcard because my Edirol FA-101 didn’t have drivers for Windows 10. The new soundcard Rubix-24 does not receive MIDI signal for some reason. Do you think a re-install of Cubase would help with all of these issues?

I don’t see how, based on the info you’ve provided so far.