Update track with new audio file not working

Hi again,

If you’re like me, you often make mistakes regarding settings when exporting stems. So I need make new versions and import them to VST Live. But when I try to update a track with a new file, nothing happens.

How to reproduce #1

  1. Drag an audio file to a track
  2. Drag an audio file with the same name to the same track
  3. Result: The sound from 1. plays

How to reproduce #2

  1. Drag an audio file with a name that already exists in \audio\Gig\ to an empty track
  2. Result: The sound from the file in \audio\Gig\ plays, not the sound from the new file


  • Files in \audio\Gig\ are locked by VST Live even though they are erased from the track and not used any more. This makes is necessary to close VST Live in order to erase the files and then update them properly.

We are on it, thanks.

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