Update Tuner to better support Bass Guitar

Currently the inbuilt tuner works perfectly fine for guitars, but does not work at all well for Bass Guitar.

My current workaround is to use Brainworkx tuner.

Please update/fix the Tuner to support Bass guitars.

discussed here

Actually, I consider this a BUG, but FWIW… +1.

GTune is free and works perfectly.

…indeed it is and does. I use it too but maybe one day it won’t so it would be really good if the Steinberg one could be fixed. So…


+1 this needs to fixed (it should be considered an “Issue”).

Because of this issue I bought a bunch of inexpensive D’Addario NS Micro Headstock Tuners to keep on every stringed instrument I own. They are available as a twin pack.

Regards :sunglasses: