Update v11.1 crashes instantly when opening [SOLVED]

Applied the new update today and Wavelab gets as far as telling me that VST2 is not supported and to restart in Rosetta mode if I want them to work. I click OK on this message and Wavelab briefly flashes on the screen and then closes instantly, leaving me with a crash report asking me to re-open or send a report to Apple.

Anyone else getting this after the update? Not tried on my Windows 10 machine yet.

It would be interesting to get the crash report.
You can also try to execute in Rosetta mode, to see if that makes a difference.

Just tried in Rosetta mode and it opened fine. Also works fine on the Windows 10 PC, so it seems like it fails when trying to use the native M1 architecture.
I am using a Macbook M1 Pro 16gb running the latest 12.4 OS. Crash report is below for anyone who wants to see the error messages.

Wavelab crash report.zip (11.8 KB)

Try the following: run in Rosetta mode, then reset the Master Section (remove any plugin), then try again in Apple Silicon mode.

Yes this fixed it, must have been a VST2 plugin in the master section. Tried loading my preset and it crashed again.

Thanks for the help!

Did not work for me after resetting the master section.
Still get this error.
VST 2 plug-ins are not supported in Apple native mode. If you want to use VST-2 plugin-ins start Wavelab in Rossetta mode.

It’s only working in Rosetta mode. I have the same computer as the original post.

From what you describe, this is not the same issue. Rather check this: