UPDATE. VST Licenses for sale.

Updated as this has not been removed or reported I assume selling your legit licenses on here is ok.

Now looking for £200 or VNO as upgrade underway.

Hi All, I have many VST instruments for sale at bargain prices due to a major update to my studio.

The following legit are all available. All are currently registered to me, I am guessing that a moderator can confirm this if required. The fact that I am posting on here hopefully indicates I am genuine as have been part of this forum for a number of years. Basically want to sell the whole lot in one go for £250. May consider splitting or near offers.
Any interest let me know ASAP. Please message me.

Groove Agent 4
Halion 5
Padshop Pro
Zero Gravity
Retrologue 2
Hypnotic Dance

I would be interested in Groove 4 and Pro Pad If you still have them



Hi Barry,

I have sent you a PM