UPDATE: Windows 8 and Steinberg products

Dear Steinberg users,

We have completed our Windows 8 test series and are happy to announce that almost all Steinberg products are fully compatible with the latest Windows release.

Please take a look at this Knowledge Base article to get the detailed testing results and additional information.

Thanks for choosing Steinberg!

Great news! Thank you!

You obviously haven’t tried Cubase Elements 6 with Windows 8.1 !!!
I upgraded to 8.1 from 8 and now it says that there is a problem with my licence.
I have emailled support, tried maintenance of elicencer and nothing works!!! This is very frustrating and no response from Steinberg is pnts!

You obviously haven’t noticed this threads deals with 8, not 8.1.

Surely its semantics as it could be argued that by saying windows 8 it implies all versions of windows 8.
It doesn’t alter the fact that I can’t use Cubase and only after I sent an email to Herr Stellig did anyone bother to contact me from Steinberg.

Surely I do my homework before updating like looking at the date of the thread as well as looking in other forums here for specifics. As this is a USER forum and not official support, I’d know enough to send in a support ticket for “official” word from the company.

NWP I updated from Windows 8 to windows 8.1. I didn’t feel it necessary to verify every program on my computer and in fact no other software has had any problem. I did send in a support ticket for official support but got no response. I phoned Steinberg and got the runaround from the recptionist. I looked on here and found this thread.
I don’t see why, having paid my hard earned dosh for the software I should accept " For you Tommy, Cubase is over!"
Before buying Cubase I asked my cousin’s advice as he is a music producer and he said Logic However, as I don’t have an Apple, I bought Cubase as I had bought Cubase some years ago Perhaps I should have bought Ableton Live!


Thanks for that. :slight_smile:

I have deleted Elicenser, reinstalled, upgraded it run it several times, tried to redownload the licence and eventually Cubase 6 works!!!
Thanks Steinberg for all your help----NOT.