When can we expect an update for SL6? Most functions are currently not working properly, crashes all the time, app freezes and so forth. I hope it will not take months until a first update with fixes is released.

Next week :wink:

Any further estimates on the SL6 update?
As previously said in this forum, it would be nice to get some videos on ara2/SL6/Cubase 10 workflow considering the limitations ARA integration into Cubase has significantly had on the previous workflow I had learned in SL5.

The first patch has passed Steinberg validation a couple days ago, so I guess it should be online pretty soon.

Regarding videos, we’re working on it.

possible to get the patch notes ahead?

Patch notes:

  • A new “Copy to New” action has been added to the Edit menu.

  • The responsiveness of the selection engine has been improved.

  • Using imprinting (casting/molding) no longer renders the application unreliable.

  • Processing very long selections (>30min) no longer renders the application unreliable.

  • Activating Move tool with long selection (>3min) now shows a dynamic progress bar during selection preparation.

  • The Move tool no longer deletes content if used during ARA playback or when clicking outside its boundaries.

  • The undo command now works as expected after performing “Cut to New” and “Paste to New” actions.

  • Tracking limit with frequency and harmonics selection tools now works as expected.

  • Dialogs no longer flicker during startup or when creating a new project.

  • Reformatting a project now defaults to current channel configuration.

  • The documentation has been updated.

Patch is now live (see Announcements).

Can we still use Sound Forge with Steinberg SpectraLayers as the audio editor? I have version 12.

Depending on what direction you’re looking for (SF->SL or SL->SF) the answer is yes, or yes with a registry hack. Magix is currently updating SF 13 so it can find SL6 automatically.

Great thanks,
Any idea when playback/on loop issues will be resolved?

May we get this registry hack? And will it work with SF11?

The loop issues is a Cubase issue, but I’ve seen activity on that recently so I’d say with the next Cubase patch :slight_smile:

I really really hope soon.

After testing the update version for about 30 minutes I must say that SL6 is now much snappier, less crash-prone, faster to work with, so it seems some major issues have been tackled.

I agree with this assessment of the most recent update. And picking harmonic frequencies is a little easier as well. Still waiting for those tutorial videos on how to best use SL6 in Cubase10. Has anyone seen these?

It’s working much better on my end as well.

Thanks for the update!