Sorry for the simple question, but I’m having problems updating from 10.0.40 to 10.0.50. I download the file, click on it and it runs. It looks like it is extracting files (vs. actually upgrading the program). If so, where do the files extract? If not, why wouldn’t it upgrade?

Sorry for the simplistic question, but searching brought up too many irrelevant topics.

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It should extract to a temp folder and then run the update installer. Could you give more info please? What exactly happened?

Some people are having issues with 10.0.5 just so you know

I download the update file from the Cubase downloader, run it (and authorize UAC control). It runs, I see dialog that it’s installing (or extracting), but then the program never actually updates to 10.0.40. I actually had this happen with 10.0.40 and just downloaded the full installer and updated that way. I don’t want to waste resources doing that again.

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I update via the Steinberg Download Assistant. It has worked every time.

Sorry I wasn’t clear. When I said “Cubase downloader,” I was meaning the Steinberg Download Assistant.

And you let it do the installing?

It gives me the option to “Open” or “Open Folder.” Both do the same thing – open the folder where the file downloaded to. I click and run that and the above happens (i.e., it never actually updates the program).

Is Cubase installed in it’s default location? Wondering if the installer can’t find it…