Hi everybody,
I’ve got a question. I got Cubase 4.5 and I updated it to ver. 6.5. May I uninstall previous version (4.5) without demaging ver. 6.5? Or rather ver. 4.5 should maitain untouched in my system? Thx for any suggestion, greetings.

Hi and welcome,

It doesn’t matter for Cubase itself.

But with Cubase 4.5, you have installed Groove Agent One. If you want to continue to use it (or at least be able to load an old projects, made in Cubase 4.5 with Groove Agent One), you should keep this Virtual Instrument (and it’s library) installed. So if you uninstall your Cubase 4.5, make sure, Groove Agent One stays installed.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: