I just bought cubase 8 but the issue is from January 2015 and I would like to have the last one (I was not able to update before installing and registering the software)

Can any one help me please?

Thank you.


I uninstalled the software and tried to download the file one teh web site. I did it ok and I hope I have the last issue. How can I be sure of it?

Have a bright chilling day.


You should be asking this in the Cubase forum, however, 8.5 is the latest version, so you would have to pay for that, its not a free update. However, version 9 is about to be released this month, so you should purchase the update 8.5 quickly, but dont install it. Then when 9 comes, you can upgrade to it for free. :sunglasses:

Please be more clear about what you have purchased.
Is it a previously unregistered Cubase 8?
A used copy??
Or is it actually Cubase 8.5???

Have you successfully activated it already?

I just bought Cubase Element8 I suppose it is 8.0.10.
It is written on the package that the update to the last issue is free… but I cannot manage to update.

Yes I already activate it as it was not possible to update before.

The lastest update of CE8 is 8.0.40, and when you start the program, it will display the version number on the opening screen that flashes on the screen.

(This might be obvious, but If you successfully downloaded the update from the website, you still need to first run its installer to get it implemented.)

It is fixed now, thx for all.


In theory if you only just activated C8 when C9 gets released you would get a free Grace period update to that.

But if you already took Grace period update to C8.5 I’m not sure you qualify for another…if your license still says C8 I would be careful not to run maintenance in elicenser control before C9 release.

Although no official announcement is (ever) made…C9 release just might be tomorrow.