Updated and upgraded from Elements 10.5 to Artist 11, shows as Elements

I just updated and upgraded, via the Steinberg website, from Cubase Elements 10.5 to Cubase Artist 11. Yet to all appearances I have recieved a copy of Cubase Elements 11. Have I missed a step during installation somehow?

Do you have the eLicenser? Artist still requires the dongle.

Yep. Already had the dongle. I transferred my Elements 10.5 licence from my soft e-licenser to the dongle as directed, and then - I thought - activated the licence for Artist 11.
I might check that again.

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I think you have to enter the Download Access Code you received with your purchase to Steinberg Download Assistant - this will take you to Activation Manager.

I think. I’m always confused by the process :smiley:

EDIT: I was installing it just last week but it has updated just now - v12 is coming!!! :slight_smile:

Hopefully Steinberg is also working to combine not only the licensing, but also the download manager, and the library into one thing. In fact, it would be great if it was all just one thing, and the library manager and download manager, and licensing were all just Cubase.

That way you could download Cubase install it, and enter the license code in Cubase, then go to the library window, and manage everything from there…even purchase the license if you didn’t already have one, or purchase components you don’t have. The whole idea of these things being separate is the most frustrating thing about Cubase.

It drives the younger composers and musicians away from Cubase. I have been told on so many occasions that it is the number one reason they select a different DAW. They struggle so much with trying to install the trial, or AI, that they go to a different DAW and it’s super easy, and they never look back. “If it’s this hard to install Cubase how hard is it going to be to make music with it?”. “I don’t know, maybe it is better, but I installed Live and it just worked!” Of the ones that do get it installed, they complain that there isn’t a clip launcher. This is a really big deal. hopefully it gets addressed soon. “I don’t want to use Cubase because it was really hard to install, and then when I did it doesn’t have modern features.”

Once you get there, Cubase is so much better, but it needs to project this from the beginning, not only to seasoned professionals, who are experienced, and know why it is better, but also to the next generation.

I’d hope they get to basics, first.

For example:

  • adding automation for drawing is painful - in most DAWs, it’s enough to just wiggle a parameter in VST and it’s ready to be drawn; in Cubase you either have to find it in a huge list of parameters or actually record it, delete and then draw
  • simple mapping of controller knob to VST parameter seem antiquated as well - quick controls aren’t intuitive and this whole section where you program a controller (no idea how it’s called - sorry) looks like something from the 80’s
  • if you ever used chord track in Studio One the one in Cubase is infuriating - in S1 I write a riff, drag it to chord track and it’s there; in Cubase I couldn’t make it work, even using the right-click menu (create chord symbols or something?), so instead I have to figure out the key & scale myself and paint it there, then restrict the piano roll to chord track,

So many things in Cubase are “backwards” for someone who started in Live & Bitwig :frowning:

The clip launcher thing isn’t the “big deal”, that was just the next sentence. The big deal is the install. However, having the clip launcher would make Cubase an easier sell, but not as much as it being super easy to install, and unified as one app instead of 4.

Edit: The rest of my reply was so off topic.