Updated Content not found

Installed original version (1.0) from Halion Sonic disk.
Downloaded 1.5 content update.
Downloaded 1.6 prgram update.
Installed in this order per instructions:

  1. 1.5 content update
  2. 1.6 program update.
    After install, no new content appears.
    Attempted another clean install on a different hard drive - same result.

Running Windows 7 64 bit. BTW, I’ve succesfully installed these updates on a different machine.

Anyone with any ideas on how Imight get the new content to show up in Halion Sonic?


SB products are SO tempermental. I’ve been using Cubase for years and just when I think I have things set up - BAM! Something doesn’t install correctly or doesn’t open correctly and from that point on, it’s a problem. Just like this simple install of Halion Sonic. I even hate posting over here as it appears few people make it to this part of the forum.
Looking at the lists of posts with install problems and no responses makes that point.
Anyway, out of respect for forum rules, I thought it best to start here. So if any of you guys can help me out I’d sure appreciate it.



So the only “content” I’m really concerned about is the Yamaha SE90 piano patch. It’s missing. Then I found this thread : https://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=59&t=10616

Bummer. So even though I bought the full version of Halion Sonic there are patches I can’t see unless Cubase is installed.