UPDATED Direct Offline Processing is unstable with Acustica N4

Hi. The issue that I’ve got is that Direct Offline Processing (DOP) is unstable with Acustica N4 VST3. Whenever I use that plugin in DOP, Cubase often doesn’t play the processed files back correctly. Sometimes (usually), DOP changes the timing, putting things drastically out of time. Often, the full lengths of the audio files (almost 3 minutes, in the case of the song I’m working on now) aren’t even processed all the way through. And, you can see it in the waveform images that are displayed in the track view.

Am I the only one having this problem?

I have also reported the problem to Acustica Audio.

I am having problems with N4 too. The results are delayed. I don’t know if that is because of N4 latency

Ah. So, it’s not just me?

And, for the sake of clarity, N4 runs just fine (no weird latency) when I use it as an insert in a live 24 bit 44khz mix.

Speaking of latency, I used ‘Setups’ to create several versions of N4 with different 3rd party libraries, each with their own tweaks to their respective .xml files. DOP gives me the same odd behavior on all of my versions of N4, not matter what Cubase’s project buffer or the dspbuffer of the tweaked N4 .xml is set to. I even tried both at 128.