Updated due to grace period, problem downloading installer

Will appreciate some help!

Updated my license due to grace period, having problem now downloading an update.

The general download page says I should go to “My products” -> “Downloads”.

“My Products” dos not have any “Downloads” though

Doesn’t the arrow on the right open up further options?

EDIT…just checked my own account and I have another tab for downloads…did you try the enter download code…that gives option to enter activation codes and elicenser codes too

I’m not sure what the “voucher” tab is all about, mine says “downloads” instead. I wonder if it has something to do with you being in the grace period?

Voucher is a voucher for upgrade of Cubase 5 AI that I also have, it’s not about downloads.

I had Cubase Artist 8, upgraded to 8.5 due to grace period, and now ‘downloads’ tab has gone. So I cannot download even Cubase Artist 8 and then install 8.5 update.

As you can see from the screenshot, 8.5 version is already registered for my account. If I enter again my license number for 8.0, it says it successfully registered, but this changes nothing.


I think you could just use the trial installer now it’s available (Pro is same installer as Artist)


Didn’t you contact support when you first had this…you haven’t heard from them??

I do not have direct support in my country, only via distributor. And they are not responding :frowning: