Updated EUCON manual

Is there an updated manual of all the functions the EUCON adapter supports?

the only “official” document is the EUCON application manual from AVID, but it’s very old and generic. I also use EUcontrol to see what functions can be mapped to the Artist Transport
I’ve found out a lot of stuff myself with long keypresses and shift presses, like VST inserts, VSTi inserts, SENDS, the PRE menu (LPF / HPF phase etc)
but non of that stuff is properly documented.

I would welcome an EXHAUSTIVE list of ARTIST & TRANSPORT EUCON key mappings to make sure we get the most use out of it.
Avid told me this is on Steinberg to provide.

Agreed… Eucon functionality has always been left to the users to blindly guess at. I also think it’s being neglected by Steinberg. There are a few minor fixes/tweaks they could do which would make a big difference to the user experience but recent development seems to be minimal/non existant.

On the subject of Eucon, are you finding that using Eucon Key Commands (see attached picture) is broken in c9.5? It appears that it might be but I’m investigating further at the moment. It works if I actually enter the keyboard shortcut into Eucontrol (e.g. assign Alt+1 to a soft key) but it does not work when I use the Eucon Key Commands method which is the best way to do things.

Quite annoying considering that VCA muting capability stopped working since Cubase 9. Things are actually going backwards!