Updated forum

Congratulations and thanks to the Steinberg team for the updated forum - and for doing it so quickly and without hitches!

Yes it’s much easier to use on mobile devices now :+1:

Unless you are on an iphone of course… :laughing:

Except that the “thanks” or “like” button seems to have disappeared for me (running IE11 on Windows 10 pro version 1703).

Apparently it’s still there for some users, because somebody used in in this thread!

Yes - also ‘missing’ on Safari 10 on 10.12

Missing on Chrome in Windows 10. The forum IS easier to read even on a large PC screen.

I don’t know if the “thanks” button will be making a return, but I have asked the question, and I’ll let you know what I hear back.

I’m not at all bothered if it’s gone for good, so long it was by design not by accident, or something strange that I’m doing.

(I just noticed that the counts of the number of times someone has thanked and been thanked have also gone.)

No, it’s gone. That’s just an emoji.

No, it’s gone. That’s just an emoji.

If Thanking has gone (BTW ‘View My Posts’ is now ‘Your Posts’ in ‘Quick Links’ top left of page), we should be judicious in adding single Thank you posts, shouldn’t we. However much we mean it :slight_smile:

I, for one, liked the “Thank You” button as a way to support a feature request or particularly pertinent response.
(Sometimes I also wished for a thumbs-down button–but I understand why that was probably best left out.)

Only Daniel can confirm whether multiple Thanks nudged a request up his long priority list :slight_smile:

The ‘Thanks’ button will not be returning: it turns out that it was not a feature of the core phpBB software but rather an external add-on, which is no longer supported and incompatible with the current version. So raise a glass to the thumbs up button: we may never see the like again.

Bummer! I liked it as an efficient way to express an opinion without cluttering threads with “+1” posts! :slight_smile:

Am I missing something, or is there no way to change the color scheme? I liked the previous default one (red/gray). Like the thumbs up, not a big deal - just curious.

And for extra credit, find a way to get rid of it from Facebook, Ebay, etc, as well IMHO. :sunglasses:

(Maybe I’m biased because I’ve spent too long working in environments where “communication” doesn’t mean “random white noise”…)

I expect (though do not know for sure) that we might see some further tweaks to the visual theming of the forum in the coming days and weeks.

“Hide my online status this session” when signing in isnt working for me now…Firefox 54.0.1, Mac.

Thanks Bob

Agreed. The old colour scheme was much more classy. This one is like many other fora.


Great pun! :laughing: