Updated freedom with note groupings

Hi there,

I’m currently exploring the switch over to Dorico from Sibelius. I normally write a lot of contemporary classical and jazz music which requires specific notation rules often on a case by case basis which generally are not quite covered by Dorico’s limited selection of Groupings rules. I realise the beaming is there as an option, however when dotted notes are brought in, the freedom ends somewhat.

A good example of this was brought up in 2019 by asavagecomposer on a post named " [Note grouping global option for tied dotted half notes]"

It would be SUPER useful if there was a feature added that would allow you to override the house rules on a case by case basis (right clicking and selecting?) to then adapt the groupings to what you need them to be.

Many thanks x

In Dorico this is called “force duration“. See here in the 3.5 documentation.

Hi Mark,

Thanks so much for this - I didn’t realise that tool could be used in this way!

Additionally, another issue I’m facing is trying to get a tremolo for 3 beats of the bar. It’s fine if I want to have a tremolo for any regular 2 divisions, but normally putting 2x 3/8 beat note durations and clicking on the tremolo button should work, and isn’t.


Again, Force Duration of the original notes (before applying the trem.) is your friend.

Another method which might be useful:

Enter a time signature using Shift-M (for meter):
For example, entering [4+3]/8 or [3+4]/8 both give a 7/8 time signature, but the notes will be grouped differently.
Unnecessary time signature indications can be hidden in the properties panel without changing the note grouping.

HJi Pierre. I might be wrong, but if you want to discuss Dorico’s abilities in the langue de Molière (who will be 400 yo next month), you’re welcome to come in the FB Group called Groupe des utilisateurs francophones de Dorico :wink:
Dorico is all about semantics and automatic features that help you save time once you understand the logic behind the coding. This is something I enjoy sharing with new users.