Updated from 5.1 to 5.5... now qb won't save any presets


I recently updated my copy of cubase from 5.1 to 5.5. Since then, not only does it often crash upon saving / closing a project; more importantly, I can’t save ANY presets (where you normally click the little box next to the preset title to load / save, I can obviously save in each VST’s native format via the save options in the VST / VSTi but saving in cubase native format results in nothing showing when I go to load the just-saved preset).

All the presets that I saved before the upgrade are present and work fine, I just can’t save any new presets. The only logical explanation I can come up with is that steinberg have changed the folder where these presets are saved to, therefore cubase isn’t finding any presets saved since the upgrade; otherwise surely there’s something seriously wrong with my cubase?

Not sure if this info is useful, but I performed the upgrade as I was worried that cubase had become corrupted due to having to repeatedly hard-reset my pc every time a project crashed; initially wanted to reinstall but the one cd I couldn’t find from the case is, you guessed it, the initial install cd; so I looked online and was (initially) pleased to find updates for my version of cubase.

Unfortunately, updating has made my cubase worse, not better. Any suggestions?

An update… I decided to do some digging seeing as no-one here seems to have any answers. It seems that the presets are being saved, in the folder with the old presets… cubase just isnt’ displaying them.

If anyone has any advice on what could be going wrong here, I’d greatly appreciate it :slight_smile:

Ok final update… I’ve solved the problem!

It turns out that the Location Tree has been turned off for all plugins. Super-annoying but something that can ultimately be fixed by clicking the icon for ‘Change Window Layout’ (in the bottom right corner when loading presets), then making sure that Location Tree is checked. You may have to check Filters on to be able to do this but just uncheck it again afterwards if it’s something you don’t use.

Thanks steiny for all your help, as usual you’ve been eggceedingly forthcoming (not)!

Did they not provide you with a manual and access to the knowledge base? The New Features manual for 5.5 clearly states that Media Bay is totally redone and will need to be reconfigured. If you expect forum members and support to “re-explain” things for you on a regular basis, you will continue to be disappointed.

Anyway, I am glad your digging paid off and you got your issue taken care of.

I’ve never used the media bay… tbh I see absolutely no point in it when there’s a myriad of other ways to import samples. I know my directory structure inside and out already (I made it) so have no use for media bay at this moment in time. I was talking about loading and saving track / effect presets.

And my jokey-reference to ‘steiny’ was directed at the forum in general, not Steinberg Ltd which, correct me if I’m wrong, is owned by Yamaha now. If I was going to direct useless internet-based semi-insults at someone, I’d do a Sheldon and direct it at the main corp owning it! I was just having a laugh, I should know by now that sarcasm or half-jokes don’t translate well via text.

I’m guessing the fact that the part in question of cubase is heavily-used by the masses (and me ‘missing’ the info on said part due to never using it in the first place) is why no-one bothered to even reply with any helpful info.

So there’s really no need to be snarky. My problem was resolved; there was absolutely no reason for you to post except for your own need to exert some sort of strange pseudo-superiority. The whole point I was trying to make with my levity was that someone could have saved me a few days of hardship (writing down vst settings on paper, garrhrhh, like I was transported to the 80s) by simply responding.

Silly me, expecting that a forum for people who have actually bought a product in this age of willful cracking, will contain members preparing to help out their fellow manl! I had no idea that not knowing something was such a crime around here.