Updated from C9, mix radically different

Hi guys

I cannot figure this out. All the same plugins are running in C10 as they were in C9, settings appear the same, mix and automation appears the same, all I’ve done is open my Cubase 9 project in Cubase 10 but the mix is RADICALLY different. Vocals and kick are virtually inaudible. I’ve painstakingly looked through the channels and busses but I can’t see anything either not running or not what it should be. Everything visually appears to be the same, but audibly it couldn’t be more different. Going back to C9, the mix is as it was.

Can anyone help me figure out what’s going on?


Did you use lots of plug-ins? Can you try to “touch” some plug-ins? Just to change a value, and then change it back to update the data?

…Just shooting in the darkness.

That’s how I came across EQ the issue covered in this topic https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=286&t=152030
Basically settings are displayed as in C9 (my case C8) but they are not really present in the sound.

Hi guys,

Apologies for the delay in my response, I guess I didn’t have “notify me” on or something.

I have tried touching or tweaking the effects but it hadn’t really affected anything. It’s a BIG project, over 175 tracks including VSTi’s and busses. Generally the overall sound is similar but the levels are wildly different. The vocals, for example, are less than half as loud as they are in C9, and the Guitars are much more prominent, yet the “sound” of each constituent part is basically what it was. What I have found, however, is “Da Tube” sounds wildly different from the C9 version, and I do have that on the lead vocal as a grainy effect. In C9 the output was the same whether there was gain on it or not, but in C10 the output is around 6db higher.

I’ve checked to see whether the project was somehow changed from +6db to +12db so see if it’s that, and it isn’t. All the plugins have recalled their states as they were in C9 and are still being automated. I just can’t fathom this out.

If I’m honest, this is the first time in 25 years I have ever regretted updating to a newer version of Cubase. Historically speaking whenever I updated I got more features and stability each time, whilst my projects remained unaffected (except maybe for when Steinberg dropped 32bit plugins). I’m having a far harder time with buyers remorse in C10 than ever before. Aside from being forced back to C9 for the sake of my project, all the features I wanted from C10 aren’t living up to the hype. Audio Matching, for example, literally doesn’t work, like, at all. I tried it against two Guitar DI’s recorded as clean as you could get them with very obvious peaks as it was played percussively, yet everything it aligned were 3/16th’s out. Bouncing after AudioWarp is still rubbish as it always has been, and the bounced audio isn’t aligned how you warped it (that’s always been the case in Cubase). Worse still, Offline Processing is now a hardship it never used to be. In C9 if I wanted to pitch something up an octave it was simple; Choose Audio - Pitch Shift - set +12 Semitones and click process, done. But in C10 I now see a spinning “processing wheel” for the exact same job (literally same circumstances) and the request can take over 30 minutes to complete, when it was virtually instantaneous before.

I’m also getting MIDI drop out issues which I have never had in any version of Cubase. My drum library (for example) will stop receiving MIDI from Cubase for up a minimum of 30 seconds at a time whenever I switch windows (piano roll, channel edit, etc.,) and I have to keep stopping and waiting before I can hear the drums again.

Cubase 10 has been more of a hassle than a benefit so far. I haven’t yet had a moment where I thought “I’m so glad I got this”, worsened by the fact that Steinberg just don’t respond to support requests anymore. This has been evident for the last 18 months, my ticket just stays open without ever receiving a reply. I’ve still got a couple in there fro 2 years ago, never got a response. What happened to this company?