Updated GA5.1.10 missing content

I did the recent the update for Groove Agent 5 and now GA can’t find content.

GA5 SE has the same issue. I’m on Windows 10 and have Artist 11
Anyone know what the problem is? Something to do with the new licenser ?

I managed to locate these instruments in my VST folder and show the content however when I restart Cubase and add Groove Agent they are missing again.

I would delete all the content in Steinberg Library Manager, and then reinstall it.

Maybe try going to the content location and double-click to re-register the library before doing that. Much easier and quicker if it works.

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Thanks. I’ve tried the suggestion to reregister the library and it didn’t work. I’ve deleted the content in the Steinberg Library Manager but on redownloading I still have the same content as before saying, not found, and also loads of missing Agents. I’m not sure what’s happening. How would I remove Groove Agent 5 and Groove Agent SE and start again? Or ideally when it gets like this, rather than faffing around, I would just like to remove everything including Cubase 11 and Elements 10.5 (which I had before) and start afresh with new downloads if anyone can advise how to do cleanly or direct me to a post on how to do that

I’ve uninstalled GA and GA5se. I’ve reinstalled Groove Agent 5 se today and what I’ve found is that GA can’t find instrument files for two Agents and each time I open GA I have to locate them again. Just as it was in my original post. I’ve tried moving them in the Library Manager but the issue is still there. I think I will put a support ticket in and see what happens.

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Sorry to hear. I would submit a support ticket at this point. One other thing - try uninstalling and re-installing the Library Manager.

Thanks I’ve tried that just now but the problem seems to be locating the files. I will see what support can do.

Perhaps you could try to delete your GA preferences (on Windows it’s in there: C:\Users\your name\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg, here you could try to delete two folders: “Groove Agent_64” and “Groove Agent Standalone_64”.

Both contain only your personal preferences, so they can be deleted without harming anything.
Replace “your name” with your windows login name.

Then you could try to reinstall GA again, and see how it goes.

There are other issues with this version (5.1.10). e.g. not able to use content because of a license not found message. I have downgraded GA to the version provided with Artist11 until they fix all these bugs of 5.1.10

If you have installed Groove Agent 5 (the full version), do you have a Groove Agent 5 licence or a licence for a recent version of Absolute? Unless you do, Groove Agent will not work.

Groove Agent SE is included with Cubase. I would expect Groove Agent SE 5.1.10 (available in the Cubase 12 section of Steinberg Download Assistant) to work with a Cubase Artist 11 licence.

Both my Groove Agent Se and 5 seem to be ok now. I had a couple of updates in the left hand part of my download assistant to down load which I did and that seemed to improve things. I had put a support ticket in and got a reply in a couple of days. The advice was to download the latest Cubase Artist 11.0.41 update and eLicenser Control Center version. I had these already and GA was working better anyway .
I still had a couple of “content couldn’t be found” warnings though but was able to locate them in my recycle bin. So somewhere along the way when deleting content and reinstalling these got mislaid. I guess for me in future I would check for any updates first before doing anything drastic. I thought the response from Steinberg support was quick and I’ve usually found them helpful

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