Updated Hight Sierra - Tascam US 16x08 Cubase 6.5

Hi guys,
i’m using cubase 6.5 and i just update to high sierra but now my tascam us 16x08 doesn’t work in cubase DAW. I can listen sounds from OS (from browser) through us 16x08 but i can’t work with cubase. I don’t know why…
Cubase work by his sound card but not with external sound card tascam.
I’m disperate, tomorrow i have concert and i need it!

Hi and welcome,

Cubase 6.5 is not officially compatible with macOS Hight Sierra. There is an known issue, older Cubase versions are silent if you use sample rate 48kHz or higher. This might be your case. If not this anything else (because of not-supported combination of SW and OS).

Also make sure the Tascam driver supports macOS High Sierra.