[UPDATED] ifretless drops notes while recording

Anyone picking up this issue. As soon as I hit record, ifretless stops being responsive. It will still record but is dropping notes leaving me tapping with one finger just to get a simple response. Is it an update issue, this is new to me, can it be resolved in settings? Or is this now a bug that needs sorting?

Dear Insecteater,

Stienberg contacted us about this issue today and I am seeing the same problem on my iPad here. We’ll have a fix out in the next ten days.

  • iFretless dev team

Thanks for reacting so quickly to my E-Mail and posting it to the forum also!


I am really impressed with the quick response from the dev team. Thank you

I updated the iFretless app today. When I use it via InterApp in Cubasis the slide notes don’t playback like they should: I hear a short note, instead of the slide. In the app the sound is correct.