UPDATED : Issue with eLicenser (USB) - Fresh install

Received this, long story (see my previous post. But might not be necessary…)

After installing (fresh) Cubase Pro 9 full install, starting to get the following eLicensor errors - first while I was updating in the eLicensor Control Center, and now, trying to launch Cubase 9. The same messages shown here : https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/206615470-Recognition-issues-of-USB-eLicensers-on-El-Capitan

However, I have no idea what is ‘‘Duet’’, after searching, I can see that Duet is a third party app which I definitely don’t have installed !..

By the way it IS the latest version of the eLicenser - downloaded and installed yesterday ! And there is no point it could be conflicting with another version : this is a clean OSX install on a completely brand new and formatted SSD!

What’s the point ?

I have switched the eLicenser USB on my other computer (Macbook Pro) where I also just installed the Cubase 9 update over the 8.5.

Now Steinberg Hub launches, but the left pane tells me there is no internet connection detected… I can go to a browser or anything else, and can confirm there is internet connection and it works great !!..

What the h…l with this ? (not that much concerned about this issue - please see instead my message above : this is what really concerns me.

Proceeded with uninstall/reinstall of both C9 and eLicenser Control. Same issue.

Now based on experience with the Macbook, back on the desktop, started to notice that the USB dongle is intermitently lit and unlit. Launched C9, got the message again - quickly moved the USB dongle to another port, C9 launch advanced, did that a few times - finally was able to launch and open a project and playback.

That now leave me with the conclusion that the USB dongle may be broken. Wasted a full day, doubting of my OSX install, permissions, and so on (although any other program - Pro Tools, Logic Pro, are working, no issue). Doubting of C9 itself. Weird as this dongle barely moved from its port since I purchased it 2 years ago. Certainly not broken because of too much in/out, or switching system !

Or is there anything else I should now look for ? For those who have experienced issues with the USB dongle: are the kind of issues I am describing above (2 messages) comparable to what you may have experienced ?