Updated Olympus Elements expression map?

Hi everyone,

Is there an updated Olympus Elements expression map available? The one I have does not perform hairpins, so I can’t crescendo and decrescendo the voices. Thanks in advance.


Only hairpins? Not all dynamics?

What does each expression have for the Volume Dynamic settings in the map:


(NB: This is just a random map; I don’t know what Olympus uses, but I woudl have thought it is CC1.)

I just checked the expression map out, and strange enough, the volume dynamic is set to CC7. Isn’t this a mistake ? I thought we were not supposed to use CC7 (except for Volume), which is supposed to be the fader value in the mixer…
[Edit] Changing that setting to CC1 does not change anything.
If I add the secondary dynamic (to CC11) it does behave as expected.
Here’s the new expression map :
Olympus Elements.doricolib.zip (3.0 KB)
I’ve added the Stage thing. So far it seems to be working perfectly :person_shrugging: Maybe @John_Barron_2 would like to update the whole PB template? There’s one more thing to do to benefit from the Stage thing : modify the routing inside the Olympus Elements VSTi. Here, I have SATB routed to 1-4, and the outputs have to match, otherwise everything comes out of 1 (Soprano) and is on the left (if panned left to right)…

Why are there 12 instances loaded by default?
Here’s a new SATB playback template (with NP as a fallback VSTi) :
Olympus Elements SATB+ NP.dorico_pt.zip (3.7 MB)
Let me know how it works for you (you might need to change the reverb, because I use Relab Development’s LX480 which is not included in Dorico)

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Thank you very much, Marc, for the playback template. Yes, it seems to be working very well. Also, thanks for your input, Ben.


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