Updated -Selling Elements bought in error - Resolved

O.K. Here is the back story. I had Spectral Layers Pro 6 and thought I was upgrading to Spectral Layers Pro 7. I didn’t pay attention and the price for the SL Elements was the Same as the SL Pro upgrade. Of course, like a dufuss I clicked the wrong link in error. My bad. As I am sure you are aware, software can’t be returned. So I am stuck with a copy of the SL Elements.

It goes for $79.99 usd and I am willing to sell it for $50.00…but here’s the catch. I have authorized it on my Steinberg USB e-licenser and can only transfer the license to another USB e-licenser. A new USB e-licenser dongle cost ~$30 so there is no advantage to buying a new e-licenser and paying me $50 bucks when you can get it direct for the same and choose your licensing option.

So the only way this works is if some trusting soul who has an USB e-licenser 1) wants Spectral Layers Elements, 2)wants to send it to me 3) along with $50.00 I will transfer the license and send it back to you. The only promise I can make is that I will send it back ASAP.

By the way, the “unmixing” of vocals is outstanding

From the SL7 Trial thread:

yes true, i did it, once because, a sale came up, that i didn’t expected, for another steinberg product.

it is in the info you get when you buy a steinberg product, what the procedure is, to get your money back.

german law, perhaps even european law, my country has the same thing. not all licenses can be returned, key files, for example, how can a developer know you still use it?

but there is the dongle!! (me like the dongle.) it can removed, by removing it from your account, and maintenance, i believe, when the procedure is in “go”…

calling steinberg, sales support, can speed up things?

It is possible.
Opening a ticket, will create certainty that your petition starts before the 14 days lapse ends.

Just raise a support ticket on MySteinberg explaining the error. I have heard from others that Steinberg can be quite flexible in this respect. It was a simple, genuine mistake and I don’t think you’ll have any major difficulties.

Absolutely! :slight_smile:

Thank you all for this information. I didn’t know that it was possibly returnable. I will open a ticket today which is only day 2.

I want to thank the folks who responded to this thread and to Steinberg. As a result of this thread I opened a support ticket and Steinberg was very quick in responding and granting me a new soft license to sell with my duplicated product. Thanks everyone.

Good to hear, and thanks for the positive feedback (a rare thing, sometimes!).