Updated to 12 Pro - am I set correctly?

I have just updated from Cubase 11 Pro to Cubase 12 Pro an it is running fine under Big Sur :slight_smile:

If I look to my eLicences, I can indeed see that now I have:
“Cubase Pro 11 (Upgraded to Cubase 12 with Steinberg Licensing)”.
My 1st question is, am I set correctly? It does not say Cubase Pro 12, it says (only) Cubase 12. Is this correct?
Q2: Do I need to have all the time internet connection, or having the dongle is sufficient to run Cubase Pro 12?

Cubase 12 is no longer using the eLicenser at all. So what you see in your eLicenser is just a message telling you that you did upgrade your Cubase Pro 11 license.

To see the Cubase license you need to start the Activation Manager, this is where all your licenses will go now one after the other.

You do not need to be connected to the Internet all the time, it is required for the activation of the license. The dongle is not needed anymore, unless you still have products on it that are not using the new licensing system.


Activation manager: yes, indeed I see there all my Steinberg licenses :grinning:
If I want to Sign out from my Activation manager, I got a message that it will deactivate the Steinberg-Licensing based products on this computer.
So, do I have to be signed in all the time to be able to use my Cubase Pro 12 in this computer?
BTW, I use Cubase Pro12 only on one/DAW computer (Big Sur).
Note: on this machine I need to keep my dongle as I have other licenses on it (they are not using the new licensing system).

On my score writing (2nd) computer (Big Sur) I have Dorico. On this machine I have a dongle as well, and I see on it a similar message as on my DAW machine about the Cubase Pro 12, namely:
Dorico Pro 3.5 (Upgraded to Dorico 4 with Steinberg Licensing.)

So, If I do not need the eLicenser on this scoring machine anymore, can I remove it? Right?

Unless you are sharing the account of your computer with other people that you don’t trust there is no need to sign off the Activation Manager. It does not require a constant connection to the internet. It is rather like unplugging your dongle.

Yep, you can remove the dongle. Personally I would keep it in a secure place, though, as I like to live by the phrase “better safe than sorry”.

Ok, clear. Note: I do not share it with other people.

Ok, clear. I have the “similar” style as you :slight_smile:

On the scoring machine Dorico was the only app what needs an eLicense. I keep the eLicenser on safe place, so far so good. Now my question is, can I uninstall the eLicenser app? Or is it still needed to run Dorico?

Topic can be closed.
Note: My question about uninstalling th eLicenser app was answered on the Dorico forum.