Updated to 5.5.3: All Insert FX Chain Presets Gone

ever since updating to Cubase 5.5.3, all of my presets for my insert FX chains have gone.

I am referring to the insert presets created by clicking the box icon to the right of the “Inserts” label, just above Insert 1 on any Cubase audio track window.

I had about 50 preset made and now the list is empty. I cannot find any reference to where these presets are stored in the Cubase manual. I’ve searched for them in all the usual places on my computer but I cannot locate them.

Where are these presets stored? How can I repopulate my now empty list with my presets?

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

I made a new preset and a new file called “InsertsFolderPresets.pmxl” appeared in C:\Documents And Settings\Username\Application data\Steinberg\Cubase 5\Presets

The only other version of this file I could find was in the old presets folder for my Cubase Studio 4 installation. this was located in C:\Documents And Settings\Username\Application Data\Steinberg\Cubase Studio 4\Presets

I uninstalled Cubase Studio 4 ages ago. This folder seems to have been left over from that installation, but the InsertsFolderPresets.pmxl file is too old to be useful.

It would appear that updating Cubase has wiped my original file, or it was labeled as something different prior to the update. I have a folder in Application Data\Steinberg called “Cubase5old” and there is no trace of this InsertsFolderPresets.pxml file in the presets folder.

Make sure Mediabay scans the correct folder. In XP, it’s a VST3Presets folder in the main App Data folder (not the Cubase App Data folder).

Thanks for your reply.
Please read my updated post above. The Insert presets in question are not located in the VST3 Presets folder but seem to be located in a file called InsertsFolderPresets.pmxl

Updating Cubase either erased this file, or the file was called something else. The file only appeared when I made a new preset in my now empty list.

I managed to rescue the missing file from my backup image I made prior to updating, so my problem is solved. I don’t know why the file got removed but my issue is SOLVED.

Let that be a lesson kids, always backup your system before updating :wink: