Updated to Cubase 11 PRO (on sale right now) Tutorials?

I got the Cubase 11 Pro Upgrade and am interested in best tutorials? I like ones that checklist: Step One do this, Step Two do that, Step Three record this, and etc.

A bunch of words just confuses the issue.

Probably a video that explains all that’s available with basic how to use it?



I would recommend to watch Steinberg Cubase Quick Start Video Tutorials.

Be aware, some menu entries has been renamed since Cubase 10:

  • Devices = Studio
  • Device Setup = Studio Setup
  • VST Connections = Audio Connections

This is a pretty good playlist to get you started:-

From there you can dip into the official Cubase hangouts that occur on the official Cubase youtube channel - where if you have a question, Greg Ondo will answer it live on air.

Also you get youtubers like Chris Selim and Dom Sigalas with some really nice inspirational ideas and tips once you’re up to speed.

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Thanks! Checked out your link. I’ll look up Chris Selim and Dom Sigalas too.

Good to know.