Updated to Elements 11 to 12, now HALion Sonic se 3 has less patches

When I upgraded from Cubase -Elements 11 to 12 , many patches in HALion Sonic SE 3 disappeared. It was a very noticeable difference. Any idea what happened?

Virtual instruments are such a headache, same issues when I used Roland/Cakewalk. I really want to get Absolute, but don’t want an absolute headache, might buy the MODX plus, or similar workstation just for sounds. Way more money. Does anyone just use Montage, MODX, Nautilus etc instead of a bunch of virtual instruments? Am I alone in this frustration. Oh well

Where are you seeing less presets? Please run the Steinberg Library Manager and make sure that the factory libraries are installed. You can download and install them by clicking the Cubase Elements 12 icon in the Steinberg Download Assistant.