Updated to MacOS Sonoma

Updated my Mac to Sonoma. I have no urgent projects ongoing and I am not using Wavelab professionally. Therefore, I could take the plunge.

Wavelab 11 pro opened just fine and I had no problems with the previous project I had been working on: it played back well and all the plugins I had used were fine. Even Softube’s Tape worked without any hiccups and also the graphics worked fine (the reels kept turning nice and even).

I am not urging anyone to update their systems. Just saying that it seems to work for me.


Can confirm. It’s Nuendo that’s causing troubles. See my post there.

regards S-EH

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Thanks for the info. I think I am close to upgrading my laptop to Sonoma to test the waters before I upgrade my main Mac Pro.

I updated my non-critical laptop a few days ago and overall stability seems good. I encountered no issues. I’m certainly holding off on the main studio machine for a bit but looks encouraging.

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@SteveKitch It seems like upgrading to Sonoma will be worth it for this “feature” alone:

I know Steinberg is still testing for compatibility with Sonoma and this week Cubase and Nuendo got their compatibility confirmed.

Do you think Wavelab 11.2 will work with Sonoma 14.1? Any reports from the userbase?

Haven’t had any issues - works fine for me.