Updated to N12. Where are these folders please?

I just upgraded to Nuendo 12.
However all my Projects from Nuendo 11 are not showing when I open Nuendo 12.
Where do I need to go for the following:
Recent. Location 1-4, Templates
Much appreciated guys/gals.

Nobody can give me an references?

I would not expect them to show. 11 and 12 are two completely independent applications.


click: where are the folders nuendo cubase at DuckDuckGo.

Yes, I concur. But I do not know where they are located to copy and paste from 11 to 12.

Much appreciated. I’ll check it out.
And one other thing, I’m getting a headphone delay in N12 which is not present in N11.
I know this is an audio setting fix. I just can’t remember exactly where to look in Nuendo.
I have checked my audio card settings and they are correct.
Anyhow, I appreciate your time and help.

@mdslammer please - start a new topic for this separate question.