Updated to Pro 10 - but lost sound from external keyboard

I’ve just updated to Cubase Pro 10 from 8.5 - and am getting no sound from my MIDI’ed master keyboard. Maybe I’ve missed something obvious but comparing all the settings in VST connections/external instrument tab with the new studio/audio connections in 10 - everything looks fine.

The keyboard (Kawai hybrid MIDI/acoustic piano) will play vst instruments as expected but is dead when I try and play its own internal sounds - and that worked fine in 8.5

So, what’s wrong? I can’t work it out.

Grateful for any help


(Running on a mac computer with Roland UM1 MIDI interface.)

Is midi thru enabled in preferences on C8.5 but not in C10 ?

Thanks - I’ve just checked that - but the settings are the same - MIDI thru enabled

I’ve fixed it. It’s that weird thing where you have to allow the program access to the microphone on installation. Why would you want to? And if it doesn’t work if you don’t allow access why do they give you the option to not allow and therefore render the program useless?

Cubase moves in mysterious ways.

So your on MAC ? I guess.
That is a MAC thing, blame Apple :slight_smile: