Updated to Windows 10 v1511 - no more crashes!

I was under the impression I already had the big Win 10 v1511 update that came out last November, as my system auto-updates, and I never even thought to check I had it. It appeared on an update restart request message yesterday so I went ahead and updated.

I’m delighted to say if has fixed all my crashing and freezing issues that i’ve been having with Cubase recently. It had got to the stage where busy projects were crashing every 15mins, often requiring a restart to be able to reload without crashing. :frowning: (Probably an issue with a plugin but hard to find which.) Too many times Cubase would freeze as well and I wouldn’t be able to do anything other than force close. I was also getting lots of hang on exits which was a pain. No such issues in the 24 hours i’ve been using it since! :smiley:

Performance also seems better with projects that didn’t used to run even at max buffer size now running with only the occasional drop out, so more than usable.

If you are having issues and haven’t updated, I can definitely recommend it! :sunglasses: