Updated to Windows 11. Deactivated Soft-eLicencer

Just switched to Windows 11 from Windows 10 and installed Cubase Pro 12.

Now my eLicencer pops up an error when I try to run eLicence control centre.
"The Soft-eLicencer stored on this computer seems to be altered in an unrecoverable way.

Please contact your software vendor to solve this issue"

Also, I’m back to Cubase starting up with the entering safe-mode page due to incorrect shut down every time I start it.

Windows 11 is an OS upgrade so it is expected the soft-elicencer will fail. You need to reactivate it:

My Cubase 12 licence has completely vanished. It doesn’t appear anywhere on my purchased products lists on the Steinberg site other than the reactivation page, which doesn’t give me an option to actually re-activate it. Cubase loads up though, which is strange.

I want to just throw it on my dongle and be done with it.

elicenser is not used with Cubase 12 any more.

it was showing up on the soft-elicencer tab until this morning.

Cubase Pro never used Soft-eLicenser. Maybe you get confused?
Where do you find the “tab”?

I’m on about Pro 12. Which showed up on my elicencer until this morning.

Yesterday my Windows 10 pc updated to Windows 11 and my Cubase Pro 12 licence on the elicencer showed up in red as an error and I got the error message in the original post when I performed maintenance.

Now Cubase 12 pro is missing from the soft e-licencer tab and the error has gone. I’m concerned that Cubase 12 is now running in some offline or demo mode which will shut off after a few days due to not having a working licence on this PC?

I’m sorry, but Cubase 12 is not using the eLicenser system any more. It uses the new Steinberg Licensing. It was advertised all over the net with this…

It never worked with Soft-eLicenser… Cubase Pro used the USB-eLicenser since years. But this has stopped with 12.

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that may be the case. If it is then my eLicencer mistakenly reported Cubase pro 12 attached to it as yesterday my eLicencer Control centre , on the Soft eLicencer tab had Cubase Pro 12 on it, along with this error when it ran maintenance.

"The Soft-eLicencer stored on this computer seems to be altered in an unrecoverable way.

Please contact your software vendor to solve this issue"

hence the reason for this thread.

Where is my Cubase 12 licence now? Where is it on the Steinberg page where I can view it and remove it from this PC and re-install it on another PC?
It’s not on “My Products” page on the Steinberg website.

As @st10ss said, it was never possible to have a Cubase Pro licence on a soft eLicenser. Moreover, Cubase 12 uses the new Steinberg Licensing system, not eLicenser.

Your corrupt soft eLicenser is irrelevant so far as Cubase Pro goes. If you had other products on it, contact Support for help.

You deactivate Cubase 12 on a computer using the Steinberg Activation Manager application that was installed by Steinberg Download Manager.

You view Steinberg Licensing licences using the Products > Show Steinberg Licensing-based products option in My Steinberg, which @st10ss screenshotted for you.

strange word, but I like it…

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