Updated track comping, and Consolidation (Bounce in place)

I would like to see updated track comping more similar to Pro Tools. Currently when comping tracks it physically cuts the clips and them just makes them the active clips. I would like the option (because that’s not always a bad way to do it) to create a new lane, select a section I want to be comped, and then press a “Bounce to Active Lane” button where it will create a copy of the selection and past it in the active lane, without cutting the original take.

Also once everything is comped, and cross faded, I would like to be able to Consolidate/Bounce selection without getting rid of the takes in the lanes, or bounce to new track. Either one will work.


I think the Cubase comping method is faster than Pro Tools but being able to send the Cubase comps to a Pro Tools style comp track on demand and within any region and on any track version and being able to set it to not change based on the track version would be a game changer.

This is why…

Currently comping between multiple track versions easily is not possible.

Comping works best in Cubase at the end but if a singer wants to do another vocal tracking session after hearing the comp, comping starts to get very messy and not being able to comp easily between different track versions is frustrating.

Lets say you already track a singer and comp the vocal. They don’t like it and want to re-do it. The cleanest way I have found is to duplicate the track version, bounce in place the old comp, then track and comp over the new track version with new takes and comp the old bounced version with the new takes but then if you forgot to cross fade the old comp before bouncing it or made some bad edits, you have to go back and rebounce and if you want to track again, you need another track version and you have to bounce the old one again and now you have two bounced comps plus new takes. It would be so much simpler to have a single comp track above that can either stay or move with the track versions rather than being forced to move at the same time as the track versions. It would also be cool to show multiple track version comps at once so you can comp between multiple comp tracks without having to bounce anything down.

And I also think you should be able to split the region where the comp tool works, so that it can be set to only comp new takes not previously comped takes so that you are only slicing the overdubs not everything else behind the overdubs.