Updates in Download Assistant

does anybody know, whether the new “Updates” tab in the download assistant only refers to older pre C13 installations (C12, C11…)
I am wondering what happens if you install C13 and if then later installing these updates for a previous C12 installation causes any (new) issues to C13.
I also think that all the newest libraries and so on would be in the actual C13 installer or am I wrong?

Thank you


There is no Cubase 13 maintenance update available yet. Cubase 13.0.10 is the first and only Cubase 13 release so far.

Hi Martin,
thanks for your reply.
I am aware that there is no C13 Update at the moment.
On my MacBook Pro where I have installed C12 and C13 side by side, the red dot indicates some updates (AM Signature Vst.sound and Padshop or Retrologue), which I have missed. (I don’t have access to my studio at the moment)
As they must be for C12, I simply wanna know whether these will override my C13 installalled files and then might cause isues. So the final question is: Is it always “safe” to update the older Cubase release, when a newer one is installed parallel?

Thanks and greetings from Duesseldorf,


No worries. The content has been always shared among all Cubase versions.

Yes, it is. The Cubase applications are independent. As you can see, you have Cubase 12 application and Cubase 13 application. So if you update Cubase 12, it doesn’t touch Cubase 13.

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