Updates not available on Windows Preview builds

I’m running a Windows Preview build, meaning a pre-release version of the Windows OS. All the Steinberg software thinks it is a 32-bit OS, even though it is definitely 64-bit. So the Steinberg Updater application refuses to run (even though it would run fine, if it would just stop trying to make that decision based on incorrect information).

How can I get the latest updates?

At the moment there are no updates to be had, so you don’t need to worry. We are hopeful that Microsoft will change the Registry key they’re using back so that SIU and SDA will be able to determine that they are running under a 64-bit OS once again, but if they don’t, then obviously we’ll have to update SIU and SDA.

You will also be able to download any updates directly from our web site as well, when they are available.

Where should I look for updates? I use a page monitor that notifies me whenever a page changes. Or will updates be announced to the mailing list?

If you’re on the Making Notes blog mailing list, you’ll certainly receive an update by email; the Steinberg Hub inside Dorico will also show you a notification in the ‘News’ section (which comes from the Making Notes blog); and we will also post an announcement on our news page, which also has an RSS feed if you use a feed reader of some kind (e.g. Feedbin).