Updates & Score Notation?

With the advent of successive Updates to even New Platforms such as Windows 7, what do you guys here do with ’ previous Scores etc?

Do you completely re-do them with each Updated e.g. Win. 95, 98, Vista, 2000, XP now Windows 7 & 8?

That is an awful lot of re-work?


Maybe I’m getting you wrong, but what relation is there between Scores and your operating system?

Every time a New Operating system comes along it is necessary to Install the appropriate Cubase Updated version but sadly the earlier notation Scores don’t display correctly in the newer version! i.e. The previous Cubase version Notation Scores DO NOT move flawlessly from earlier versions of Cubase to the New ones.

e.g. My earlier XP Cubase SX3 Notation Scores when read by my latest Cubase 6.5 program do not read accurately but require a whole re-do, fixing up before they display in the new Cubase 6.5 version!

This is shocking re-working all over again of Notation files and causes tremendous extra work re-doing what was already perfect!

Perhaps not many here use the Notation side of Cubase so they don’t fully appreciate what I am pointing out, that’s why I was asking ’ what do others do? '.

Oh I see, I thought that was all backwards compatible. Shows how much score I use :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve experienced similar annoyances with old scores not displaying the same in newer Cubase versions (though, TBH, it’s not been a big problem for me).

My “solution” is to keep the old versions of Cubase when I upgrade. Perhaps I’ll get stymied at some point when a version I used on an old PC won’t be able to be installed on a new PC with a different OS (and the old PC that had the working version of the old Cubase dies)?

I wonder whether it would be possible to install the old Cubase in a virtual machine (on a new PC with, hypothetically, an incompatible OS), just to open old scores - could Cubase see the dongle?

Another thing to do in circumstances when all you want is to be able to see/print the old score again, rather than edit it for a new/revised piece, might be to save the score as a pdf file, or even (rather quirky, perhaps) do a “print to file”, which (so long as you still have the same or a compatible printer) you could simply copy to the printer, to get the score printed again.

But, if you’re creating a new or edited piece in a newer version of Cubase, based on an old piece created in an older version of Cubase, I think you’ll probably have to rework the score if it doesn’t come up the same in the newer version of Cubase.

It’s disappointing that there isn’t backward compatibility.

Works great!

But some folks have different needs.

In my case the only reason I use the scoring feature is to printout notation
for other musicians to read.

This for me is primarily at my church and some regular jazz gigs.
I am one of those old school;
‘If it ain’t on the page, It ain’t on the stage’ type of guys.

Once the music is printed, then ‘bob’s yer uncle’.
I almost never go back and look at that work again.
If lil changes are needed, I will just knock them out by hand.
Right on the printed page. I still use White-Out. :slight_smile:

All this being said, I still do most notation work in Sebelius.

Can’t wait for a future Cubase release when we get to
see what the newly acquired Sebelius team has in store for us
Cubase users.


From what I’ve read, it seems that, initially (at least), they’re working on a stand-alone notation program, rather than something to replace Cubase’s score editor.

Mod Helge wrote this talking about C7:

However, the Score team focused on the Chord track, so Score did not get focus. However, it will in the future with our new notation development team in London!

But as you posted, this could still be about a stand-alone product.


Thanks guys!

.pdf Hard copies sure I do all that!

I also use Sibelius for Scores & Parts Notation but of course if I want to use better samples I have then Cubase VST Instruments is the go but I have to re-do the entire Score to do so which is double the work i.e. First in Sibelius 2 in Cubase!

I also have some other questions I could put here or start a New Thread?

I’ll put her if that is ok?

What is Halion_SE under the ’ synth ’ options compared to the other regular Halion 4 in the Devices section?

Do any of you guys use the latest Kontakt + 43GB Sound Library?

Is it better than Halion 4?

Does any one have an earlier version of Kontakt that will run on a Windows 7 64 bit OS they no longer require and ownership can be transferred to me if I bought it?

Or have the latest one they bought but don’t require now?


Remember, this is a Cubase forum. Not an NI forum.

Halion 4 is the best.


Could you explain upon what basis you say Halion 4 " is the best? "

I have EWQLSO Platinum, Platinum Pro & Symphonic Choirs which I believe are far superior but I just wanted reasons why say Halion 4 is used apart from $Cost because EWQLSO is pretty expensive and far more expensive that Halion 4 & Kontakt + 43 GB Library!

Could you explain upon what basis you say Halion 4 " is the best? "


The fact that we are discussing this on not a public forum but on a Steinberg
$$ supported forum.