updates to OSX 10.8

Good morning
I want to upgrade my Cubase 6 to 7, but first I want to be sure that everything is going well. I know that I must update my OS of Mac OSX 10.6 to 10.8, it will operate smoothly GA3 and HSO?
Thank you.

HSO runs fine as VST Sound instrument Set within Halion (4/Sonic/SE).

Groove Agent is problematic. The installer doesn’t work.
But you can manually copy the program from you old system, the vst plugin and component in the library/audio and maybe something else I can’t remember at the moment. Afterwards use the seperate content installer on the installation dvd.

This worked out for me, but this isn’t supported.

Good luck!


Aloha D,

As a Mac user probably best to wait for GA4.

So we don’t have install probs.

the word is GA4 will be KILLER!!!

… for me it doesn’t work :cry:

A few month ago I updated to “Mountain Lion”.
Last times I only install the OSX update over the active installation.
But this time I used a clean install - I think that’s the problem!

In Cubase (6.5 or 7) CA3 isn’t available, and if I try to run the standalone app it crashes (screenshots).

Any idea?