updates updates updates ?

Seems like a very silly question but im going to ask it anyway .
Im running the 6.5 so does that mean i don’t need to install the 6.0.6 and 7 ?
All these releases coming at the same time have confused the hell out of me and my way of thinking tells me steiny have already put the bug fixes in the 6.5 so there is no need to download and install 6.0.6 ,could someone please explain the update paths for this retarded old git ?

many thanks

Updates that are of any use to you, will always be a higher number, so 6.0.xx can be ignored if you are on 6.5

You probably will want to download V6.5.1 though.

As for V7, that will be a long way off, and will undoubtedly be another chargeable upgrade.

If you’re a sensible old git and don’t have too many glaring issues carry on with 6.5. I’d belay going to 6.5.1 and wait for 6.5.2.
If you were still on 6 I’d probably recommend staying on 6.0.5 until 6.5.2 as well.
If you had issues and/or you had to move then I’d recommend the 6.0.6/7. Then jump in at 6.5.2 or whatever looks stable.
You’re not quite addled yet but we’ll do our damndest to get you there.

In the avatars is that a blue earthworm followed by a dog and a cat? Getting like a menagerie in here.
Sorry, that should be personagerie surely.

You don’t need to do anything: 6.0.6 and 6.0.7 take care of what’s already in 6.5. You might want to go to 6.5.1 for a fix on VST Dynamic Events if you want… Keep an eye on the 6.5 and updates from there and you’ll be okay.

what …blue ? and all this time i thought it was a yellow grass snake being followed by a banana wealding wombat with 3 legs .
Thanks for your replies gents so my thinking was right that it would of been a step backwards. i must say that steinberg are certainly pulling out all the stops , never known it like this before , good work steinburger !

good work steinburger

“Steinberg” we would have seen positive and with respect…



^^^^ Why am I getting hungry? :wink:

sorry chris it was just a little joke but with respect thanks for all the updates and the many more to come