I’m just about to re-install everythingon my pc again.
The questions are.
Should i install 1909 or 2004 ?
When installed should i leave Windows 10 as it is or change certain peramerters ?
Should i leave updates as is or, disable updates ?

In my experience the latest W10 version is the most stable running with C11.
I always block Windows updates(with free Winaero-Tool) and do them myself after reading about it and when I havbe the time for it.
And always first make a systemcopy of my C-drive in case the update messes with my Audio.
There are certain perameters you can adjust for better realtime audio, there is a lot information on the internet about this.

I’ll try the winaero-tool

I’ve been over to the Winaero web site but can’t find a specific tool you mention.
What is your program called that you downloaded /