updating C4 to Pro8,storage organisation/sample location?

Really sorry if this has been answered thousands of times before but I am in the process right now of downloading the installer (over 2 hours to go) allowing me to upgrade from Cubase 4 to Pro 8.

I didn’t see any option at the first stage of choosing where anything is installed. Just said open with. Just pressed default button.
I am assuming when I unzip the installer I can choose to install the samples etc on the HDD and keep just the program on the SDD but got a scare when I saw the size of the installer (9.1GB) as obviously I don’t want to eat up that much space on the SSD.
Will all the 9.1GB stay on the SSD or as I hope samples etc I can located on the HDD?
Also is it recommended to partition the HDD into Samples and Projects or is that not necessary? The 2 TB HDD is the only other internal drive but also have an external 500GB USB storage drive plus a 1TB drive in my old music PC (don’t really want to fiddle with this or try to transplant to new PC)
I think I should have asked all these questions before starting the download!!
Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks in advance

I have a Brand new quad core 64 bit Music PC (Core i7-4790 4.0GHz Turbo) with 250GB SSD drive and 2 TB HDD running on Windows 7. 16 GB of RAM