Updating Cubase Artist 6 to Cubase Artist 6.5

I’ve updated my Cubase Artist 6 to 6.5 version. Then I’ve received Activation Messages for my Soft-eLicenser and USB-eLicenser. I’m managed to activate the USB eLicenser, but not the Soft eLicenser. When I’m trying to reactivate it on the website I am getting an error message (attached) that the product is licensed to another customer.
Have you encountered this issue?
The same thing happens when I’m trying to reactivate or get permanent license.
All the products were licensed properly before the upgrade.
Can you help?

Did you buy two upgrade licenses? If not, you can only upgrade one license. If you upgraded the USB license, then that’s all you have to do. I didn’t even think Artist used a soft e-Licenser.

Hey Jaslan,
Thank you for your reply.
I didn’t buy upgrade for two licenses. I’ve just upgraded the Artist 6 to 6.5 without payment. It seems like its free, they didn’t ask me for payment.
I’m attaching the All Licenses view in eLicenser Control Center.
It’s not possible to work with the Artist without the license for both of them.
What do you sugest?

The message in your first post is about “Registration” which you only need to do initially. It is to register the USB or Soft e-Licenser as belonging to you. So, if you lose it, the hard drive fails, or it stops working, they can verify that you owned that licenser. You download the licenses onto those e-Licensers by “Activating” the licenses. Then you register the software license also (which nowadays usually happens automatically). So, it appears to me that you are trying to “re-register” the licenser which is already registered (to you).
Something else I noticed is that your licenses show only a Cubase 6 Educational license, (although it appears to be a full license, not Artist), so I am definitely confused. The automatic, free upgrade could have been a “grace period” update depending on when you activated your license.
Anyway, I am sorry to say that I am confused by your situation. Perhaps a detailed explanation of what has happened so far. Be careful with the terminology (i.e. registration vs. activation, etc.)
Lastly, I wouldn’t post your e-Licenser serial numbers. Black them out or something. I don’t know if someone could do something with that information or not but better safe than sorry.


Oh yeah, I wanted to mention that I find it strange that you say you need BOTH the USB and soft e-Licenser. I don’t believe this to be true (although I don’t have Artist or an educational version so could be wrong).

You are not wrong.
Apart from that, if the upgrade had been automatic and free, the license would show Cubase 6.5 IIRC.
And at the moment, he is not eligible for any grace period updates

Yes. I have C6.5 and the license shows “Cubase 6.5” So, as TC pointed out, the upgrade apparently did not “take” (something else I meant to mention before that was confusing).