Updating Cubase SX3

Hello - I recently re-installed Cubase SX3 (using my original installation DVD), updated my e-Licenser USB dongle, and have been experiencing problems attempting to update to version I keep getting a Syncrosoft License Control Warning stating: “There are other activated processes which disturb the installation process. Please restart the computer and repeat the installation.” I have also tried earlier updates with the same outcome. I would sincerely appreciate it if anyone would be able to give me any suggestions on how to update successfully. Thank you for your time and knowledge! J Cooper

I’m assuming you’re installing on XP ?

If so, why did you update the LCC, did it ask you to ?

What version of the LCC do you have installed now ?

Sorry for all the questions but you give no info on your setup.

Hi Paul - first of all, thank you for your quick response! I’ve re-installed Cubase SX3 under Microsoft Windows XP Professional. I don’t recall if I was asked to update LCC when installing, but my eLC Installation Version is Please let me know if you need more info to assist in this matter, I appreciate any help you may be able to provide.

One of my SX3 computers is running XP/SP2, .NET framework 2.0 Service pack 1

I had to install the .Net framework 2 before I could get the LCC to update.

Been a while since I installed SX3, but I think I first had the old LCC on that computer with the original longer Dongle, and had the latest version of SX3

Then when I transferred my SX3 licence to the shorter dongle which had Cubase 4 & WaveLab 6 on it I had to update to the latest LCC, which is the same as you have, but like I said, I had to install .Net framework 2 before it would work,

The LCC said you had to have XP/SP3, but it works fine on XP/SP2

Not sure if any of this helps you but I do remember I had the latest version of SX3 using the old LCC version but I had to update the LCC when I transferred licences.

Thanks for the info, Paul - will look into the .NET issue and license update. Take care - your input is much appreciated.